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About Charlotte

Hi, I’m Charlotte. I love life as a Kiwi, rural mum, and farmer’s wife but I got sick of putting everyone else’s needs before my own… even the cows! So I took my life and dreams back, got certified in Integrative Nutrition, and created a health coaching practice helping other rural women to take the reins, fill up their cup, and reclaim their health and happiness.

I thought I had done all the “right” things to be happy in life. After I left High School I completed a bachelor of Nursing and had an 8-year career as a nurse in Primary Health care in my small rural town. 

I got married and had kids and created a lovely life for our family on the farm which became my full-time job when I left nursing. 


But, eventually, I realised I didn’t have the healthy boundaries I needed to take great care of myself. I put everyone else ahead of myself until one day I found myself in a downward spiral of resentment and unhappiness for the things I had given up and realised that only one person could take the reins and turn this horse around… me.


For a full year, I struggled with a mysterious illness and pain until I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. So I started studying Integrative Nutrition, and re-created my lifestyle, taking better care to fill up my cup and I turned an autoimmune disorder on its heels.

Since 2017, I have been leading others on this trail to a healthier, balanced life through my Sustainability Spiral Method combining self-care, a holistic integrative approach to life, and a customized bio-diverse diet and lifestyle to help Unfulfilled Rural Women empower themselves and become Empowered Balanced Women. 

Client Results

"My regular coaching with Charlotte is always a highlight of my week. I leave each session feeling lighter from having my hurdles diminished, and motivated to put new habits in place. Charlotte makes me feel lighter, and that I could achieve anything I put my mind to" 

Deann Parkes

"I first contacted Charlotte after I’d reached a point where my family weren’t there in a way that I needed. Charlotte was able to provide me with an outside perspective, you get to really open up with her. Quickly, you learn that she doesn’t judge and that her sessions are a safe space.

After a year with Charlotte, I feel more confident in myself and have grown into being the best version of myself. You always feel like you are achieving something. You set yourself little steps and you go at your own pace. You are always achieving. When you start to do things consistently, it just sticks - it becomes routine.

It’s been eye-opening as well as opening my mind to take responsibility for my own health and attitude towards the way I perceive the world.

I am awake because of this and I am so thankful for all the continuing help she gives"

- Gina (Scotland, UK)

“You hear the phrase overwhelmed a lot, well that was exactly how I was feeling.
My home life was great but I was really struggling with the day to day pressure of it all. I felt tired, run down and had huge mum guilt....I used to describe my feeling to Charlotte as feeling “blah”

I am now living a bold life that I love and I will continue to use what I have learned from my coaching for years to come. I am managing my life more effectively, I feel more confident and happy - understanding that its ok to ask for help around the place. Good bye Mum guilt!

Charlotte is super organised and it was always a pleasure to read through the extremely detailed notes from each session. It was encouraging for me to go through the past sessions and see how far I had come.

In a nutshell Charlotte has enabled me to transform my life in so many ways, listen to what my body is telling me, lose the mum guilt, listen to others and for that I will be forever grateful” 

Clare Green, One:One Coaching Client, March 2021

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